Saturday 28 December 2013

How To Be A Good Wife by Emma Chapman

Source: Won an ARC


In the tradition of Emma Donoghue's Room and S.J. Watson’s Before I  Go to Sleep, a  haunting literary debut about a woman who begins having visions that make her question everything she knows

Marta and Hector have been married for a long time. Through the good and bad; through raising a son and sending him off to life after university. So long, in fact, that Marta finds it difficult to remember her life before Hector. He has always taken care of her, and she has always done everything she can to be a good wife—as advised by a dog-eared manual given to her by Hector’s aloof mother on their wedding day.

But now, something is changing. Small things seem off. A flash of movement in the corner of her eye, elapsed moments that she can’t recall. Visions of a blonde girl in the darkness that only Marta can see. Perhaps she is starting to remember—or perhaps her mind is playing tricks on her. As Marta’s visions persist and her reality grows more disjointed, it’s unclear if the danger lies in the world around her, or in Marta herself. The girl is growing more real every day, and she wants something.


There was definitely something about this book that kept me reading, even though I wasn't sure what it was at first. The writing was brilliant, and so vividly done I cannot believe that this is her debut novel and I cannot wait to read what she puts out next, I just know it is going to be great. If you have not read this book yet, I highly suggest that you do.

We meet Marta right away and there is something about her right from the very beginning that you almost find haunting, like she is in a fog. At the surface she is a typical housewife going about her daily routine, but we soon come to find out that she is anything but typical. She has secrets that even she does not know that she has. We also meet her husband Hector shortly after the novel begins (he is a teacher), and I could tell that there was also something off about him almost from the beginning as everything seemed too "normal" between the two of them.

I loved the way that the story was built and the pacing was just right. Marta starts to see visions of a young blonde girl, and it is more than halfway through the novel before we find out what the significance of that is, and it kept me reading at a fast pace to get to that moment, it was perfectly done. There was so much in the first half of the novel that kept you wondering what it all meant, and I promise they will all be answered and more, and it is so worth it!

We also meet her son Kylan, and he has recently in the last few months moved away from home, and she misses him terribly. The first time that he brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents didn't go anywhere near as well as he hoped it would, and that is all thanks to Marta and her visions that she is having and her wanting him to come home and live there so that she can still take care of him as she did when he was a little boy. I think that this is something every Mother can understand to an extent, however, Marta takes it to the extreme.

The name of the novel comes from the book that she was given as a wedding present from her new Mother-In-Law on the day of her wedding, and some of the suggestions in there just seem so archaic! It is something that I could see women reading in the 40's or 50's for sure, but it just does not apply in today's society, however, Marta still remembers some of the suggestions in there, and still follows them on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a haunting, chilling read that will leave you thinking about it for days after this one is for you! This one gets a 4/5 from me!

Friday 27 December 2013

Dark Witch (Book one in the Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy) by Nora Roberts

Source: Purchased


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a trilogy about the land we’re drawn to, the family we learn to cherish, and the people we long to love…

With indifferent parents, Iona Sheehan grew up craving devotion and acceptance. From her maternal grandmother, she learned where to find both: a land of lush forests, dazzling lakes, and centuries-old legends.


County Mayo, to be exact. Where her ancestors’ blood and magic have flowed through generations—and where her destiny awaits.

Iona arrives in Ireland with nothing but her Nan’s directions, an unfailingly optimistic attitude, and an innate talent with horses. Not far from the luxurious castle where she is spending a week, she finds her cousins, Branna and Connor O’Dwyer. And since family is family, they invite her into their home and their lives.

When Iona lands a job at the local stables, she meets the owner, Boyle McGrath. Cowboy, pirate, wild tribal horsemen, he’s three of her biggest fantasy weaknesses all in one big, bold package.

Iona realizes that here she can make a home for herself—and live her life as she wants, even if that means falling head over heels for Boyle. But nothing is as it seems. An ancient evil has wound its way around Iona’s family tree and must be defeated. Family and friends will fight with each other and for each other to keep the promise of hope—and love—alive…


Nora Roberts is by far one of my favourite romance authors, and I love when she puts a little spin on the stories, and this one did not disappoint at all! We meet Iona when she arrives in Ireland after selling off all her belongings and taking a chance on moving from the US to Ireland to find her heritage, something I have always wanted to do.

We learn early on that she is part of a long line of witches, and when she meets her cousins she becomes part of the three, and later on we learn what the three are and what it means, and I find it very cool. I really liked all the characters in this book as well, they were all very normal loving people, even the witches, they were very easy to like and root for.

The romance in dark witch was not the forefront of the story which is a bit of a different switch for Nora Roberts, and I think that it worked really well. The main plot of this story is the history in Iona's family, where they came from, and what they have to do to save their future. I loved her cousins, and their friends, I think that they each added a little to the story without the author trying too hard. 

The romance between Iona and Boyle was perfect, it didn't move too fast, and I liked how she acted like a giddy teenager a little when he was around, or when she was thinking about him, it was very sweet. Boyle on the other hand seemed very reserved about getting involved with her, and I can understand his reasons for it, however, I am glad that in the end they seemed to come to a compromise. 

I loved everything about this book, and will be patiently awaiting the next one in April, this one gets a 5/5!

Saturday 21 December 2013

The In-Between Hour by Barbara Claypole White

Source: ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review


What could be worse than losing your child? Having to pretend he's still alive...

Bestselling author Will Shepard is caught in the twilight of grief, after his young son dies in a car accident. But when his father's aging mind erases the memory, Will rewrites the truth. The story he spins brings unexpected relief…until he's forced to return to rural North Carolina, trapping himself in a lie. 

Holistic veterinarian Hannah Linden is a healer who opens her heart to strays but can only watch, powerless, as her grown son struggles with inner demons. When she rents her guest cottage to Will and his dad, she finds solace in trying to mend their broken world, even while her own shatters. 

As their lives connect and collide, Will and Hannah become each other's only hope—if they can find their way into a new story, one that begins with love.


I just finished reading this book, and am trying to put my thoughts in to words, and am finding it difficult to express how much I loved this book! The characters were so well done, and the scenery is so vivid I felt like I was there with them.

I think my favourite character is Jacob, he is so alive and colourful even though he is getting older and losing his memory. He is so full of love, and really do what he thought was best for his son when he was younger, and it made me realise that when we are young we always see our parents as "parents" and never as "people". 

The theme of mental illness is ongoing through this book, and for personal reasons there was a few times that I found myself having to put it down and take a deep breath before picking it back up again. I think that the author did a great job of getting in to someones mind that has depression and understanding where they may be coming from, and also making a point that medication is not the be all and end all of the situation, there is so much more that goes in to it.

I also really liked how all of the characters in this book were not perfect, they all came with their baggage, and yet they were all able to put it aside when one of them was in need of the others and help, it is the true meaning of family, whether born or made. The friendships that were made you can tell will last a lifetime, and I love that.

The relationship between Will and Hannah was not an easy one, there was an attraction at first sight, and I think that we can all relate to that, but they had to work at it, it did not come easily, and they turned in to friends before they were anything else, and I like when that happens in a story, I find it to be more realistic than the whole love at first sight. 

There were ups and downs in this book for sure, and that is life right? Nothing goes smoothly all the time, if you are looking for a book that gives you reality over anything else, this one is for you! I give this book a 5/5!

Thursday 19 December 2013

The Sweetest Hallelujah by Elaine Hussey

Source: An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review


An unforgettable story of two courageous women brought together by one extraordinary little girl.

Betty Jewel Hughes was once the hottest black jazz singer in Memphis. But when she finds herself pregnant and alone, she gives up her dream of being a star to raise her beautiful daughter, Billie, in Shakerag, Mississippi. Now, ten years later, in 1955, Betty Jewel is dying of cancer and looking for someone to care for Billie when she's gone. With no one she can count on, Betty Jewel does the unthinkable: she takes out a want ad seeking a loving mother for her daughter.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, recently widowed Cassie Malone is an outspoken housewife insulated by her wealth and privileged white society. Working part-time at a newspaper, she is drawn to Betty Jewel through her mysterious ad. With racial tension in the South brewing, the women forge a bond as deep as it is forbidden. But neither woman could have imagined the gifts they would find in each other, and in the sweet young girl they both love with all their hearts. Deeply moving and richly evocative, The Sweetest Hallelujah is a remarkable tale about finding hope in a time of turmoil, and about the transcendent and transformative power of friendship.


I read this book a couple months ago, and it has stayed with me ever since, the writing was brilliant, and the story was even better. The characters were so colourful and charismatic, I loved them all! I requested this book just based on the synopsis, and I was so happy when I finished it, I felt privileged to have read this story.

The racism is something that runs throughout this novel, and it is something that I can see happening in that time period for sure (1955). I can also imagine that there were a lot of people in the same situation as Betty Jewel and Cassie where they want or need help and that this factor stood in their way, and I am glad that they did not let it stop them from being there for Billie. 

Billie is growing up in a house with her Mom and her Grandmother, and is aware that her Mom is sick, however, I don't think that she had ever thought about what would happen to her when her Mom passed away, and when her Grandmother is gone. She has been brought up with strict rules, and she is to follow them, or she has to deal with her Grandmother, and that is not a good situation! I think that her Grandmother is probably my favourite character in the book, I just loved her.

I also loved how even though it seemed like everyone in Cassie's life was telling her to back off with helping Betty Jewel and Billie, she stayed true to herself and continued on what she was doing. She had a stubborn streak and would not let anything take her away from wanting to help.

If you are looking for a truly engrossing story that brings you back to the 50's, and is based around family and the power of friendship, this is the book for you, I promise you will not be disappointed! This book gets a perfect 5/5 from me!

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Alice Close Your Eyes by Averil Dean

Source: ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review


With haunting prose and deft psychological insight, Averil Dean spins a chilling story that explores the dark corners of obsession–love, pain and revenge.

Ten years ago, someone ruined Alice Croft's life. Now she has a chance to right that wrong–and she thinks she's found the perfect man to carry out her plan. After watching him for weeks, she breaks into Jack Calabrese's house to collect the evidence that will confirm her hopes. When Jack comes home unexpectedly, Alice hides in the closet, fearing for her life. But upon finding her, Jack is strangely calm, solicitous . . . and intrigued.

That night is the start of a dark and intense attraction, and soon Alice finds herself drawn into a labyrinth of terrifying surrender to a man who is more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. As their relationship spirals toward a breaking point, Alice begins to see just how deep Jack's secrets run–and how deadly they could be.


The summary of this book does not do it justice, there is so much more involved than stated there, it had me hooked from start to finish, I received it in the mail today, and finished it in one sitting, that is how gripping it was for me!

I will admit I did feel a bit of a disconnect from Alice, and that is why this is not a 5/5 book for me, some of her decisions I did not agree with, even knowing that she had a very tough upbringing and it is a situation that I cannot relate to at all, she just seemed very naive sometimes. Also Jack was very all over the map for me, he was so nice and loving one moment, and in a split second that would change.

I really enjoyed the writing, I was fully engulfed in their world and what was happening, and had to know how it ended right away. The pacing was also really well done, and I did not feel lost at all when Alice was going back to her childhood and remembering what she perceived  to have happened back then. It was good to know a little bit as to where she was coming from, but still all of her actions did not add up to me. 

I really enjoyed the characters of her Mother and Nan as well. I could relate to how her Mother had acted at times, and it was all pieced together for me towards the end of the book when it was all coming together. There were so many things that Alice was not made aware of that her Mother was going through that I think maybe she would have understood her a little better had she known, but her Nan and her Mother decided to keep those from her, and I guess I understand why, she was still very little.

If you are looking for a thriller with some romance (if you can call it that, it is more a disfunctional relationship), then this book is for you. From the very beginning Alice and Jack's relationship starts off rocky, and truly I don't think that it ever recovered, they were both bringing in baggage to the situation that neither wanted to talk about or deal with, and I think that it doomed it right from the very beginning. 

Overall this book gets a 4/5 from me, it had action, romance, thriller aspects, and plot twists that I did not see coming! I highly suggest you look for it coming out in January and put it on your to be read list.

Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea by Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin

Source: ARC sent in exchange for an honest review


A swashbuckling story of two very different cat brothers and their adventures at sea.

Cat brothers Cecil and Anton are as different as port and starboard. Cecil, stocky and black with white patches, thirsts for seafaring adventure as he roams the docks of his harborside home, taking day trips on fishing boats when the chance comes along. Slim, gray Anton prefers listening to the sailors’ shanties at the town saloon, venturing to port only for the day’s catch. But one day when Anton goes in search of fresh mackerel, he’s stolen off the dock, and the next thing he knows, he’s at sea.

Knowing little of the wide open ocean that lies beyond the harbor, Cecil boards another ship in hopes of finding Anton. But what begins as a rescue mission turns into a pair of high seas adventures, with thrills and danger bubbling under every wave.

Anton takes on a fierce rat, outwits hungry birds, and forges a forbidden friendship, while Cecil encounters dolphins and whales and finds himself in the middle of a pirate raid. On an ocean as vast as the one Anton and Cecil have discovered, will they see home—or each other—ever again?

Orange Prize−winning author Valerie Martin’s and Lisa Martin’s colorful cast of characters, rich historical detail, and lyrical storytelling will delight fans of such classic animal adventures as The Wind in the Willows, Stuart Little, and Poppy.


I had such fun reading this book! It is a perfect middle grade read for either boys or girls, it has something in it for both of them, and even their parents if they are reading it aloud with them, I think people of all ages can get something out of this story.

Anton and Cecil are brothers, and could not be any different in personality, however, I think that it reflects well on family dynamics. They still live with their Mother Sonya at a lighthouse in Nova Scotia, and travel to the docks everyday to search for food and entertainment. The way that the author's were able to portray the sailors and how they acted, and how that attracted the cats was such fun.

The cats were also able to speak to other animals as well, and that was an interesting twist in the story, and it was great how you got to see the different personalities in the different animals, and you could imagine that that is how they would be speaking if they could, it was great! 

I enjoyed the pacing of the book, it was just spot on, and very easy for a middle grader to follow for sure and not be lost anywhere. I also liked that you got to see how the brothers interacted together, and when they were separated we got to see a real growth in both of them, and I think that there are some good lessons for kids to learn in this book. I would for sure recommend it for anyone looking for a good middle grade read, this one gets a 4/5 from me! 

Saturday 14 December 2013

Selling Scarlett (Love, Inc #1) by Ella James

Source: Purchased


Elizabeth DeVille doesn't belong at a party like this - one where the gowns cost more than her Camry and cigars run higher than her grad school utility bills. Dragged out of seclusion by her best friend Suri, Elizabeth if merely playing dress-up, rubbing elbows with a crowd that banished her troubled family years ago.

Hunter West is tired. Tired of parties, tired of pretending, and tired of trying to right a wrong that haunts him every day. Bourbon heir and professional poker player by day, by night Hunter is gambling with his life in a high-stakes game of crime and blackmail.

When Elizabeth stumbles into Hunter's den of vices, she's a light in the darkness, a flame in the void. And, just like everything he touches, Hunter mars her in record time. To rectify the damage done, Elizabeth needs money she doesn't have, and she's come up with a foolproof way to get it.

Follow Elizabeth - code name Scarlett - to the lush Nevada brothel where she'll auction her virginity and risk the only thing that's not for sale: her heart. The highest bidder is a familiar face, with wicked hands and the devil's mouth. And a secret so dark it could cost her life.


When I first read the summary I was really intrigued as to what this book would offer, I was really hopeful as it sounded really interesting, and not like anything that I have read before, and I am happy to say that I was not let down! I really enjoyed the characters (even the nasty ones), and there was everything in here, romance, action, mystery, and blackmail.

I loved that the whole way through I was trying to figure out who was doing what to who, and why they were doing it, and how it would all work out in the end, I love when a book can keep me going like that. Hunter is definitely not perfect, but I think that he grew a lot during the course of the story. Also Elizabeth was pretty innocent to a lot of things in life when the story first started, and by the end she has her eyes opened, and I think she grew right along with Hunter which I love to see in stories.

The whole brothel part of the story is something I would never know about, but I am sure that places like this do exist for exclusive members, especially right outside Las Vegas, and the way that Ella was able to write about the scenery in the mansion and how it was set up and how everything worked was fantastic! 

I can't really give anymore away without spoiling the story, but if you are looking for a good weekend read, I highly recommend that you pick this one up! It gets a 4/5 from me!

Thursday 5 December 2013

Isaura (Abberant #3) by Ruth Silver

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Olivia has little choice but to head into the dangerous Gravelands, as the new government wrestles with fixing the damage to society. If traveling through outlaw territory isn’t frightening enough, Olivia learns she has exposed her secret and is hunted by those she trusted. In a race against time, her life and those she loves are in jeopardy.


"Are you going to explain what happened back there?" Gavin asked as we drove further north. I kept glancing in my rearview expecting to see the men chasing us but with four flat tires it wasn't likely.

"Not really." I glanced at Gavin giving a weak smile. I hoped it was enough to fend away the questions for a while.

Rane piped up, "You're going to have to tell us eventually. I saw what you did. You didn't just use training and fighting. You set a guy on fire, without matches!"

I signhed, glancing back at her. "You can't tell anyone what you saw. Okay?" I still didn't know how I did it.

Rane held up her hands in surrender. "I promise. It's not like anyone would believe me." She put her hands down in her lap and I glanced at Gavin. I still felt his eyes on me.


I was so excited to get a hold of this book, I just had to know how it all ended, and this one did not disappoint at all! It is filled with action, romance, everything you would want in a great story.

Olivia and Joshua are my two favourite characters for this series for sure, I love how they interact with each other, and even after everything that they go through, they are still in love and are best friends.

The plot twist in this part of the trilogy was probably my favourite out of the three, I didn't see it coming, and it added an extra spin on everything that I think was a perfect way to end the series for sure. All of the secondary characters played a major role as well, and there were a lot, but it was not hard to keep track at all and you pretty much knew where everyone was on the side of good or bad.

I cannot imagine a future where we are told when we are to conceive children, and how many, and who we are to marry, etc. but I am very happy with the ending, and if I had to live in a world like that, I would choose Spade as my home that is for sure!

If you have not picked up this series yet, you have to do it, you will love it just as much as I did I am sure, this book get a 5/5 from me!

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Release Day for Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy

Where to buy:

Ryan Kendall is broken. He understands pain. He knows the hand of violence and the ache of loss. He knows what it means to fail those who need you. Being broken doesn’t stop him wanting the one thing he can’t have; Finlay Tanner. Her smile is sweet and her future bright. She’s the girl he grew up with, the girl he loves, the girl he protects from the world, and from himself.

At nineteen, Ryan leaves to join the Australian Army. After years of training he becomes an elite SAS soldier and deploys to the Afghanistan war. His patrol undertakes the most dangerous missions a soldier can face. But no matter how far he runs, or how hard he fights, his need for Finlay won’t let go.

Returning home after six years, one look is all it takes to know he can’t live without her. But sometimes love isn’t enough to heal what hurts. Sometimes people like him can’t be fixed, and sometimes people like Finlay deserve more than what’s left.

This is a story about war and the cost of sacrifice. Where bonds are formed, and friendships found. Where those who are strong, fall hard. Where love is let go, heartache is born, and heroes are made. Where one man learns that the hardest fight of all, is the fight to save himself.


Kate McCarthy grew up in a small town outside Port Macquarie, Austrailia. Raised in a house just a short walk from the beach, Kate enjoyed the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere and friendships that came from being raised in a friendly, small town area. 
She now resides in Brisbane, Austrailia, a city in the state of Queensland where she works as an accountant, along with a sideline wedding cake business and her writing,
She is married with two children, has two dogs in a house in the suburbs, and a pile of friends and family dotted all over the country to keep her sane.
When she's not busy running after naughty kids, filthy dogs, crunching numbers, piping buttercream and writing books, you can find her curled up in bed in the early hours of the morning reading new books and re-reading old favourites Her favourite books are the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward in which she longs to eventually join the brotherhood and change her name to Phierce Mutha

Where to find her:

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Monday 2 December 2013

*Novel Spotlight* Roses by G.R. Mannering

I am so excited to be able to share an excerpt of this novel with you all! I cannot wait to pick it up and dig in, it sounds amazing from the synopsis and the excerpt, I hope you all agree and all go out and pick it up!


She panted in to the chilled air. Snowflakes fluttered around her like ashen butterflies, clinging to her lashes and to the hood of her think cloak. Champ, her warhorse, tore through the night's darkness with clouds of warm breath, and his flanks heaved in the rush of the ride.

Before them in the enchanted quiet stood a castle. It was just as it had been described to her, and she grimaced slightly, for she had hoped that it was not real. The snowflakes whirled around its facade without settling, brushing against the latticed windows and marble arches. It was vast and rich with numerous turrets of coppery bricks that appeared to rise higher until they were lost in the white of the snowstorm. Its outline flickered against the magenta sky and shifted under her gaze, as if it almost was not there.

She swallowed hard and pressed her heels into Champ's sides. The pair made no sound as they approached the gates; the blanket of snow muffled all noise, and Champ's hooves sank deep into its cushioned whiteness. He flicked his ears. She knew that he did not want to approach, but they could not turn back. She leaned forward and laid her cold, raw hand on his sweaty flank to reassure him.

She was not surprised when the iron gates swung silently open of its own accord. She gritted her teeth as she urged Champ on and reminded herself that she was saving the life of a man who had once saved her own.

As the gates clicked shut behind them, she heard the distant roar of a beast.

Monday 25 November 2013

Before We Fall by Courtney Cole (out December 3, 2013)

Where to buy:


One dark moment was all it took to turn twenty-four-year-old Dominic Kinkaide's world black. On the night of his high school graduation, a single incident changed him forever, and he became a hardened man - famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured inside. Now all he cares about is losing himself in the roles he plays.

At twenty-three years old, Jacey Vincent doesn't realize how much her father's indifference has affected her. She is proof that sometimes it isn't one specific moment that wrecks a person, but an absence of moments. She tries to find acceptance in the arms of men to fill the void - a plan that has worked just fine for her, until she meets Dominic. When jaded Dominic and strong-willed Jacey are thrown together, the combination of his secrets and her issues turns their attraction into the perfect storm. It could change their lives for good - if it doesn't tear them both apart....


He laughs, a velvety sound.  “Babe, I could show you a bunch of things you’ve never done.  And I
guarantee, you’d like every one of them.”
For some reason, I have no doubt of that.  It’s an exciting thought.
He bends his head and nips at my neck, then soothes the bite with a soft suck.  His lips, so soft and
smooth, ease the pain of the bite away.   His nearness is intoxicating and everything about him screams
that he is capable of so many things… things that would please me… things that would embarrass me in
the light of day
But still, I don’t move. I stay right with him, my gaze frozen on his.
Keeping his eyes on mine, he slowly dips his head and plunges his tongue into my mouth, completely
plundering it, consuming me yet again.  It’s like he can’t kiss me without devastating all of my senses at
once, annihilating my thoughts and causing my blood to throb as it all races toward one destination… the V
between my legs. 
Right where I ache for him. 
He’s like a drug….and one taste just isn’t enough.
I open up my mouth and breathe around his lips, sucking in air, grasping at his back and pulling him
closer.  He reaches back and grabs my hands, holding them together at my wrists and pinning them over
my head against the plexi­glass gondola cage.  I’m trapped here with him, yet there’s 
no place I’d rather be.
The energy around us now is primal and raw…and it’s exhilarating too, because we’re out in public.
Every time the gondola swoops along the ground before it begins its ascent upward again, anyone could look in and see what we’re doing.  They could see Dominic pinning me against the wall, and his other hand
buried in my crotch, if only they looked closely.
Honestly, I think he might like that idea.
“What are you doing?” I finally manage to whisper, pulling away just ever so slightly.
His eyes are a little unfocused, his pupils dilated. “What would you like for me to do, Jacey?”
He knows.  Oh, God, he knows.  He knows exactly what I’d like for him to do.


Courtney Cole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives near Lake Michigan with her family. She's always working on her next project...or staring dreamily our her office window. 

Where you can find her:

Thursday 31 October 2013

Fevered Souls Season 2 by S.K. Falls

Source: ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review
Where to buy:


*Review may contain spoilers to Season 1*

As soon as I started reading this, I was right back in to the world with Cara and Dax all over again, I love when I can immerse myself in a world like that. The romance between Cara and Dax is so sweet and innocent, and I don't see that in many new adult books right now, and it is really a refreshing change. You can feel the love that they have for each other, and that they really do want to know everything about what happens, like when Dax has to do his ritual, and Cara chooses to stay and watch so she can better understand where he is coming from after.

This is a fantastic follow up to Season 1, there was so much action and twists that I was not expecting that I could not stop reading it! I really enjoy the characters in this series, even though it is paranormal, there is still aspects that you can connect to them on a moral level and they really do seem like us. Also the struggles that Cara has in this season are really big, and I cannot wait to see how they play out in season 3! 

The highlight of the book for me was the twist with James and what happens to him, and how he knows that something has happened, and wants to rebel against it, but at the same time he agrees with what they are doing to a certain extent, and does not understand how Cara can be living her life the way she is, and it puts a real tension on their friendship.

And that ending! Who saw that coming! If you have not read this series yet, please do, you will not be disappointed, and it is definitely a great bang for your buck as each season is only $2.99 right now and worth every penny. This season get a 5/5 from me.

Tuesday 15 October 2013


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Tuesday 1 October 2013

Moirai (Aberrant #2) by Ruth Silver

(eBook cover)

(Paperback cover)

Where to buy:


Olivia has been on the run from the government of Cabal since the marriage ceremony. Finally settling in and finding herself a place to call home, in Shadow, Olivia and Joshua are preparing for the uprising that they and the rebel alliance have been planning for months.

With new abilities and special talents, from Mindonsiphan, Olivia learns that she can do more than most ordinary eighteen year olds. Learning both to hide and perfect her skills will be one of the biggest challenges that she will be forced to face.

A constant rollercoaster of emotion and adventure await Olivia and Joshua, as they embark on a journey to the rebel city of Torv, and what was once home, Genesis.


I have been waiting for this one since I finished Aberrant a few months ago, and this did not disappoint, I think I actually enjoyed it more than the first, which is always a great surprise. I was ecstatic when Ruth contacted me about being on this tour, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get accepted in to the tour for book three as well (*cough* Ruth! *cough* lol) as she is one of those EVIL authors who like to put major cliffhangers at the end of their books, which I love and hate all at the same time!

I loved all the action in this book, it started off right at the beginning, and carried on through the whole thing. I didn't know at some points who Olivia and Joshua could trust and who they couldn't because of how Olivia is special and how everyone keeps telling her that, it seemed like they would all try to take her or something. We are introduced to new characters and new cities in this part of the series, and I have to say that I thought that Ruth's world building was fantastic, I was able to imagine everything in my head and follow along without anything getting to be too much or confusing. I just hope that the world never turns in to this one in my lifetime, it is a bleak and dark place that will make you appreciate all the colour around you everywhere you look, especially outside.

I think my favourite part of this book though was watching the relationship between Olivia and Joshua grow, it was very well written, and so innocent which is refreshing to read. There have been a lot of books that I have read lately where it seems that the teenagers are put in to serious relationships and things are taken to the next level, when it does not seem like they are mature enough for it. Mind you Olivia and Joshua do have to grow up in the way that they are on their own with only each other to count on, but they understand that they have a lot of growing up to do still before they start that sexual part of their lives and risk the consequences that could arise from that, and I think we need more books like these for teenagers to read.

I will be honest and say that dystopian is not one of my top genres to read about, but I am really excited for this series, and I am honoured that I get to be one of the many people that is able to spread the word for Ruth and get more people reading it! A 5/5 from me, and I am impatiently awaiting the third installment! If you like this genre even a little bit, give this series a try, I promise you will not be disappointed, and if you have read it, please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about it, I would love to have someone to chat with about it.