Friday 22 June 2012

The Watchers by Jon Steele

I received this book as my first ARC, and let me tell you, I was so excited, and the book did not disappoint! This is a brilliant first novel from Jon, I loved all 3 of the main characters Marc, Katherine and Jay (though they always call him Harper which is his last name). 

I would have to say that Marc was by far my favourite character though, he is very awkward and quirky and Jon does a fantastic job of portraying this to the reader right down to how Marc counts his steps when he is walking as he has been doing the exact same routine with the exact same schedule for years. He made me laugh to myself a lot with the relationship he has with the bells and with his cat, it is just another facet to his personality to fall in love with.

For Katherine I related to her for sure, but I did not find the same pull to her that I did to Marc.  I have read a couple reviews where people have not found Katherine's character relate able at all, and they found her pretty bitchy, however, I did not find this at all, I mean you definitely have to put yourself in to her mind and walk through her journey with her as she does not have the easiest of jobs (even though she has chosen this lifestyle herself), but her love for Marc and Harper is very obvious, especially as the book gets closer to the end with the different events that unfold.

Last on the main characters is Harper, you get to know his personality I think the slowest of them all, and throughout the book I kept wondering about different things in his past, and it was not until almost the very end where it is revealed to the reader what his past is, and why things are the way they are for him in the book, and it really surprised me, and I loved the twist that Jon put on it.

So overall for the book for me it was a 5/5 stars! I have not read anything like this before, and I heard somewhere (can't remember where now) that this is actually going to be a trilogy, and I am hoping that this is not just a rumour but fact as I would love to see what unfolds next! This is a murder mystery and the murders are pretty gruesome, however, that just adds a whole new level to the mystery that for me puts it over the top.

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  1. Great first review! Seems like your passionate about reviewing!