Monday 6 August 2012

Sebastian's Poet by Kevin Craig

Published by: Musa Publishing July 6, 2012
Pages: 147

I have never read a book before that brought back a memory from my childhood so vividly before, but that is exactly what happened while reading Sebastian's Poet, it was not a good or bad memory, just something that I thought I had forgotten. 

My heart broke for Sebastian in so many places in this book that I lost count.  He is a very special little boy who had to grow up way to early like so many other kids, and it is not fair. Thankfully Sebastian had Teal that came in to his life and tried to provide for him the way a parent should and show him that that children should be children.

There are a lot of "feels" in this book from heartache for Sebastian and his brother Renee, to rage and then almost pity for their Dad as he could never quite get the help that he needed that for me stemmed from more than one mental health issue. My favourite character had to be Teal though, he was able to understand right off the bat what the boys needed, and tried to provide that for them as much as possible, even if it was something as simple as making them breakfast, or just spending time with them.

This story takes you through a very tumultuous period for Sebastian and Renee, and it looks as though one of them may take the same road that their father did, but by the end of the novel, you really feel that with the twist in the story, they are going to be ok, that even though you may have given up on yourself, and you feel that there is not a whole lot of hope for what the future brings, you really just need that one person behind you saying yes you can, making you believe that you can be whatever you want to be, and your past does not necessarily determine what your outcome will be.

This novel for me is a 5/5 for sure! I would suggest this for anyone who loves a novel that is going to make you feel (even if it is uncomfortable at times), and makes you think about what other people have gone through and why they may be the way that they are. 

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