Saturday 30 March 2013

Reawakened by Ada Adams

Published: November 27 2012
Pages: 540

I was very kindly sent this book from the author for review, and I could not be happier as I had also received Revamped as well and that left off on such a cliff hanger, that I was dying to know what happened, and where Dawn's story would go next. As a fair warning, if you have not read Revamped, you are going to want to stop reading! (This review may contain spoilers to the first in the series)

It left off not long after Revamped ended and the action started pretty much right away and did not end until exactly on the last sentence, and I LOVED every page, every word, just everything! The same characters that were in the first book were in the second, and there were a few new characters introduced as well, like Razor, he is now one of my favourite funny fictional characters ever, he had me laughing through most of the book as his sarcastic humour is very much like my own.

I thought that there were a lot of twists and turns in the first book, that was nothing compared to this one. Looking back now, finding out that she was cloned seemed to be one of the lesser worries in Reawakened, there is  just SO much else going on that her and the team need to help with that it took a backseat for a bit.  Even when it did pop up again, somehow Ada managed to put a twist on a twist in a story, how fantastic is that! There is always two sides to a story right? Just when I thought I had something figured out and I knew where it was going to go, nope, Ada throws another wrench in and adds something MORE to an already action packed book.

I have just loved this series so far and I am chomping at the bit for the third in the series already! Oh, and might I add that Ada if you are reading this, you are an evil evil woman and I hate you very much!!! (But in the most respectful way of course because you are a true master of the cliffhanger)

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