Monday 23 March 2015

Unlovely by Celeste Conway Review and Giveaway!!

Published: January 2nd 2015 by Merrit Press
Pages: 256


Accidents happen. But they happen more often when the beautiful ballet dancers return each summer to the island. When he hears the ruthless way that the loveliest dancer talks about boys getting what they deserve when they break girls' hearts, Harley, home for the summer after his first year of college, wonders if he's losing his mind. He knows for sure that he's losing his heart to this girl...But then, strange incidents start happening all over the island and Harley is caught between desire and fear: could he also be in danger of losing his life? 


This was a very quick enjoyable one sitting read for me. I was intrigued at what was going to happen and when, and when it did, I didn't really see it coming.

Harley is home for the summer living on his Dad's boat with him again, he is a freshman at college, something not a lot of people get to say from the small town that he grew up in. Most times people just stay in the town and work where they can. Harley is determined to make more of himself.

Everything is fine until one day the girls from the local ballet school come down for their regular once a week trip in to town. Harley sees a new girl has joined the group, and something about her is very interesting to him. 

His Dad does some repairs at the ballet school, so one day Harley went with him, and it was the first time that he met Cassandra, and he was head over heels instantly. She seemed interested too, so they finally after a little while of flirtation make a date so he can take her out sailing on his boat. 

There is a little complication though, namely his ex-girlfriend Mairin. Things are maybe not as over as Harley had thought when she got married and is pregnant with someone else's child. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would give it a 4/5!


Bethany at Merrit Press has been kind enough to offer up 2 copies of this book for anyone in the US or Canada! All you have to do is follow the blog and lave a comment thanking Bethany and Merrit Press! All entries will be entered to win via on April 3rd.


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