Saturday 2 February 2013

Derailed (Clayton Falls #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Published: September 23 2012 by CreateSpace Independant Publishing Platform
Pages: 260
Derailed is about a girl named Molly whom feels lost in life I think, her father has passed away, her Mother is living with her sister and her family, and her fiance also passed away.  She is in law school when the story first starts, and the decision to change her life comes within the first couple of pages and that is not the last of the big decisions that she has to make within the book. I really loved the way that Molly grew in to herself through the book, and at the end really seemed comfortable in her own shoes, even if it was a completely different spot than she thought she would be in.
I will say that I got a Nora Roberts feel from the writing (which to me is a good thing as she is one of my favourite romance authors), but there was even more depth to the characters in Alyssa's novels that I have read, they have been through more real life experiences and she talk about the feelings that they have because of this more than I find in Nora's novels.
One of my favourite parts of Alyssa's writing is that nothing comes easy to the characters, they have to work at it, or they really think through any decisions that they make, and there is no "insta-love", it actually goes along at a normal pace that relationships typically do. Also her portrail of the small town life, I know that it is not for everyone, but I will tell you, I wish I could live in Clayton Falls! It is the perfect setting for someone to go and relax and sort through what they need to as far as what to do with the rest of your life.
Let's go in to the men in the novel now....let me just say yum!!! So there is Ben, and he is Molly's old boyfriend from before she left town to go to law school, and he has his own issues sure, but he is very good looking, and his personality is pretty good too. Then there is Gavin, he is attractive sure, but talk about egotistical and overbearing! I did not like his character at all in this book, he was WAY to pushy and would refuse to take no for an answer, even when Molly made it quite clear.
I was really happy with the way that this book ended, and it could read like a stand alone for sure, but I am so glad that it is not so that I get to go back and visit these characters again with a new story. So overall, this is for sure a 5/5 for me, one of my favourite new adult novels hands down!

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