Saturday 6 April 2013

Chasing Mrs. Right (Come Undone #2) By Katee Robert

Published: March 25 2013 by Entangled Publishing
Pages: 263

This was the second in Katee's Come Undone series, however, I did not read the first one, and it did not take away from this book at all, it is not a series that you have to necessarily read in order, although I will be trying to get a hold of book 1 as I really enjoyed this one.

The story starts off with us meeting Ian who has just returned home from his second tour in Afghanistan and instead of being able to go home and sleep and try to relax, his sister has arranged a coming home party for him. It turns out that he needs to leave early as there are too many people and different noises for him as he seems to be suffering from a form of PTSD, and just trying to get use to a "normal" life back at home after being in a war environment I would imagine is extremely difficult. 

When he leaves the party he literally runs in to Roxanne and knocks her over, this is how they first meet. Neither of them realise at the beginning that they are connected by someone that they both care about, and their chance meeting is supposed to be one night of bliss before they both move on. 

I really liked the characters in this book, Roxanne has a great personality, but she seems to have a lock on her heart because of situations in her past, and things that her Mother has tried to ingrain in her, even if they are not right. Ian has his issues for sure, but he is also brutally honest in what he wants, and really puts Roxanne to the test in trying to get it.

The thing that I love about these books is that they put real life situations in with the romance and steaminess. It just makes you connect with the story a little more, to make it an enjoyable experience. We see the characters in this book struggle with their own issues, but also try to support each other at the same time with what the other is going through, and the relationship is not perfect, but we do see it grow and I am happy with how it turned out at the end.

I have a feeling I am going to really enjoy the Entangled Brazen collection if it is going to be carrying authors like Katee as this was a perfect Sunday night with a coffee read! I give it a 4/5.

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