Wednesday 10 April 2013

White Lines by Jennifer Banash

Published: April 4 2013 by Putnam Juvenile
Pages: 304

White lines is a story about a girl named Cat who is a 17 year old club kid in 1980's New York. This book engrossed me from the very beginning, and I could not put it down. We find out at the beginning that due to different circumstances in her past she finds herself living alone at her young age, and she is trying to manage going to school and also being a club promoter.

The way Jennifer was able to detail everything down to the last detail was tremendous, especially when it came to the "white lines", I have never done that myself, but I feel like I don't need (or want) to now after reading this. She was able to describe the sensation of the high and the side effects from it in such a way that I felt like I was there with her, and I think that is something that is not easy to do.

I felt connected to Cat on some levels and I could understand why she was doing what she was doing even if I didn't agree with her, or would not make the same choices in her situation. Her Mother is probably one of my most hated characters in a fictional novel, and once you read this book, I would guarantee that you will agree with me, I cannot understand her at all, and there were many times during the book that I wanted to choke her for her actions, and I love when I get emotional like that while reading.

As far as the club kid scene goes, I loved the different kids for all different reasons, but one of my favourite parts was the outfits! Did that ever take me back to the 80's, oh how I do not miss the neon (even though apparently it is coming back?), and she got them bang on too, who remembers wearing a lot of tulle and lace, oh and the spandex with the elastic at the bottom to go under your feet? I do! 

This is not a book that I will forget any time soon, there are so many different and serious topics covered that I think it should be a mandatory read for teenagers (starting in grade 9). The first one that comes to mind is the fact that I think way too many kids are having to grow up way to soon and have their teenage years and what should be "normal" teenage experiences taken away from them, and the serious consequences that it can have. The next is drug abuse and how a lot of people think that the "have it under control", and it is not by any means, the drugs are the ones in control.

I liked this book from front to back, and even the ending is not the "hollywood happy ever after" that can sometimes happen, I think it is a very realistic ending and I am so grateful that Jennifer wrote it that way. If you are looking for a more serious novel about what some kids are going through around the world on a daily basis, this is it! Fantastic 5/5 from me!

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