Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins



Three women, three men, connected through marriage or infidelity. Each is to blame for something. But only one is a killer in this nail-biting, stealthy psychological thriller about human frailty and obsession. 
      Just what goes on in the houses you pass by every day? 
     Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and evening, rattling over the same junctions, flashing past the same townhouses.The train stops at the same signal every day, and she sees the same couple, breakfasting on their roof terrace. Jason and Jess, as she calls them, seem so happy. Then one day Rachel sees someone new in their garden. Soon after, Rachel sees the woman she calls Jess on the news. Jess has disappeared. 
     Through the ensuing police investigation, Rachel is drawn deeper into the lives of the couple she learns are really Megan and Scott Hipwell. As she befriends Scott, Rachel pieces together what really happened the day Megan disappeared. But when Megan's body is found, Rachel finds herself the chief suspect in the case. Plunged into a world of betrayals, secrets and deceptions, Rachel must confront the facts about her own past and her own failed marriage. 
     A sinister and twisting story that will keep you guessing at every turn,The Girl on the Train is a high-speed chase for the truth.


I loved this one! It was curious to read about a situation from an unreliable narrator, she was drunk most of the time. Rachel is a 30 something year old who has been married and divorced with no children. At the beginning of the novel things were slowly put in to place by her and a couple other characters, and as you keep reading (especially from Rachel's point of view) you begin to wonder if everything is part of their imagination, or has it actually happened.

There was things going on where I thought I figured out what the big twist was, but on more than one occasion, I was totally wrong, I actually love when this happens, you get more out of a story I think. The characters were generally likable, even Rachel sometimes, at other times you really just want to shake her with the drinking. One thing I can never figure out is why Rachel would want to put herself in the same situation time after time, but in the end it all seems to come together.

I can sortive see where people are getting the comparison to Gone Girl, however, I think that they both stand on their own tow feet very well, and if you liked one you should like the other. At first I didn't know what to think when Jess went missing, was she really missing, or did she run away with someone else? That part kept the story going at a really good pace.

I am not sure what else to say without getting in to spoilers, however, if you are looking for a great thriller that will keep you guessing right till the very end, this is a story for you! I give it a 5/5!

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