Friday 7 June 2013

Fading Amber (Cambion Chronicles #3) by Jamie Reed

Published: December 24 2012 by K-Teen/Dafina
Pages: 304
Source: Purchased

First of all let me say how much I loved this series!! I cannot believe that it does not have the huge following that it deserves! There is nothing that I can think of right now that I didn't love about any of the books. It is based on a different type of paranormal twist called Cambions, I had never heard of them before, and it was really cool. Also, this is one of the very few YA novels that I can think of that has the main character as bi-racial, Samara's Dad is African American, and her Mom is Caucasian, we NEED more of this, this is a normal family dynamic now.

The action in this book took off right from the beginning, and did not end at all, there were some new characters introduced that we had not seen yet, and I really enjoyed how they all added something different to the story to bring it to an even higher place than the last ones had.

I also found myself laughing aloud a few times at Caleb, he is a very funny guy. Also the romance between Samara and Caleb felt almost normal to me (besides the whole paranormal aspect), they are teenagers, they are going to bicker and make up, and get mad at each other for the little things, this is what we do at that age. I also really enjoyed the relationship that Samara has with her Mom in this book as her Mom is now aware of what the situation is, and she can speak to her openly about it, though her Mom does still rule with an iron fist sometimes.

Overall, I think that this was a perfect ending to this series, although I would not be sad at all if she added on one more to the series just to see how everything unfolds after the big event in this book. I give this book, and the entire series a 5/5.

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