Monday 3 June 2013

The Goddess (The Idol Series Book 1) by Robyn Grady

Published: May 13 2013 by Entangled Indulgence
Pages: 250
Source: ARC provided by publisher for honest review

The Goddess follows the adventures of Helene Masters, she has decided that once school is over that she is going to take some time for herself and do some travelling via backpack in Europe and lands a job in the beautiful Aegean Kingdom at a quaint cafe. When the owner is supposed to go to the island that is owned by the royal family and spruce it up for when the Prince gets there for his traditional 7 days of solitude, it turns out that his grandchild has just been born, so he asks Helene if she would be willing to go, and she jumps at the chance.

Aegean is a community that is very much stuck on old traditions and customs, and does not handle change very well overall. When the Prince arrives at the island and finds Helene there, he is quite upset, and unsure what to think, at first he thinks that she could be a member of the press or something, and immediately calls his right hand man to have her checked out. 

Prince Darius decides that since tradition has been broken already since she is already there, he will keep her on for the week doing light duties like cooking, light cleaning, etc. Another aspect of the tradition for him being alone for the 7 days is for him to meditate with the goddess that has been handed down from generation to generation from the Kings to the Princes, and they take the goddess from the island and live with her until they are married and have children, and then they bring her back to the island and put her back in her secret cave.

The book takes off from there, and it is pretty fast paced with the events that follow, and how the characters help each other grow, I really enjoyed it. We are introduced later on to Darius's sister, and I am hoping that the next novel will follow her and her love interest as they had my curiosity peaked at the end, but I will wait and see, I couldn't find any information on the next novel as of today. I would give this book a 3.5/5 for sure, great first novel in a series.


  1. Hmm, romance, royalty and a secluded island? Sounds like a good recipe!

    1. It was pretty good, cannot wait to read the next one!

  2. I love Entangled Indulgence books! I'm so glad you liked this one, it looks good.
    Great review!

    1. This is the first book I have read from this particular line from Entangled, but it will not be the last!