Saturday 14 July 2012

Ashes (Arson #2)

Published 2011 by StoneGate Ink

What can I say besides brilliant, amazing, exhilerating!

As I was reading Arson and got to the end there were still some questions that I had about Arson and where he came from, where his parents were etc, and I was hoping that they were going to be mostly answered in Ashes, and I was right! From page one in this book I was hooked, as some of those answers I was looking for were already being answered for me.  Chapter one in this book has to be one if not the best chapters of a book that I can remember, it is still probably one of the main parts of the book that sticks out for me.

Ashes is the perfect second book in a trilogy for me as when I think about both Arson and Ashes, I feel like I am climbing a mountain with Arson as it is a perfect lead in book, at the top of that mountain is Ashes with all the exciting events that take place, all of the questions that it has answered, and I truly believe that the thrid book will be like walking down the other end of the mountain where it starts with the bang that Ashes left with, and takes us in to a wonderful ending to an amazing series!

I finished Ashes a few days ago, and I cannot remember a time when a book has stuck with me so much that I am still thinking about it, and wanting to read it again already.  I love the new characters that are introduced and what they bring to the story, and where some of the existing charaters from Arson are going in their relationships. 

I truly would recommend this series to anyone who loves ya books with a touch of paranormal in them, there is action, adventure, suspense, and just a sprinkling of romance added, Estevan Vega is quickly being added to the list of authors that I have where I anticipate their novel releases the most!

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