Monday 4 August 2014

Going Over by Beth Kephart

Published: April 1 2014
Source: Won a copy on Goodreads


In the early 1980s Ada and Stefan are young, would-be lovers living on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall--Ada lives with her mother and grandmother and paints graffiti on the Wall, and Stefan lives with his grandmother in the East and dreams of escaping to the West.


I really enjoyed this book, it really makes you sit and wonder what it would be like to live in this situation, and I just could not imagine! There are a lot of feels in this book, and the characters are fantastically written.

We meet Ada first, and she is living in West Berlin with her Mother and Grandmother, and she works at a day care. She is in love with Stefan, whom lives with his Grandmother in East Berlin, their dream is for Stefan to escape and come and live with Ada on the West side.

Can you imagine having the love of your life torn away from you by a wall that either of you is not allowed to cross because of the government? I know I can't. 

While Ada is on the West side trying to live her life, we see how much this tears her apart inside, and how it affects everyone around her. She is unaware that Stefan is on the East side trying to find a way to her. 

This is a story of true love, the struggles of life in Berlin in the early 1980's, and what it means to be family, whether by blood or not. I would recommend this book to anyone, I gave it a 4/5.

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