Friday 31 May 2013

Blog Tour: Blessed Tragedy by H.B Heinzer

Published: January 1 2013
Pages: 237

Blessed tragedy starts off with a little background on Maddie Neumann our main character, she has just finished high school, and has decided that the town and life that she has been living is not for her, and she is determined to follow her dreams. She is the youngest of four children and the only girl, and has been forced to play all of the "girlie" roles for her Mother, like being a cheerleader, pretending to love the colour pink, etc. She leaves the town and does not look back for years to come.

Her dream has been to be in a band, and through some experiences along the way, she joins the band Blessed Tragedy and has changed her name to Rain Maxwell. She is the lead singer, and all the other members are guys, however, the one that she is closest to and is her best friend is Colton, they are even close enough that they sleep in the same bed every night, but it has all been strictly as friends till this point. The band has been doing really well and are gaining in popularity and fame, but just as it starts to peak for them, Rain gets a phone call that shakes her to the core, her Mother is sick with cancer.

She has avoided going home for the past 5 years, she wants to leave that life behind her. She has stayed in contact with her parents over the phone over the years, and they have always told her that her Mom was doing okay with her treatment, and it wasn't that bad, so she decides that before she goes home, she wants to finish the current tour that they are on, she thinks that her Mom has enough time, and she will go home the day after the tour is over. 

Things change when Rain gets the phone call after their second to last tour stop, her Mom has passed away. Rain starts to fall apart, she feels incredibly guilty for not being there to say goodbye, then that guilt turns in to anger towards her Dad and brothers for not calling her. When she gets home there are some arguments that she has with her brothers and she is called a "selfish bitch" and told that she only thinks about herself all the time.

The story takes off from there, and I really don't want to give anymore away because I really believe that this is a story that you have to experience for yourself to get all of the feels. There are so many different relationships that at first glance seem broken, and it is questionable whether they can ever be repaired. I loved the growth that a lot of the characters had in this novel, and seeing the give and take that they have to learn to get comfortable with. Also the ups and downs in the relationships that you think would automatically work so well is awesome. 

H.B Heinzer has done an amazing job at creating fantastic characters that are relatable and real, and imperfect. The situations and dramas that she comes up with are also very realistic and just proves that 1) most relationships are not easy, whether it be child/parent, brother/sister, or boyfriend/girlfriend, and they all need work to keep them going. And 2) not everything is as it seems, and sometimes you have to dig deep in to yourself, and those around you to see things from other perspectives before you can fully understand the whole story.

I absolutely loved this book, and I am so happy that I have the privilege to be part of this blog tour, and also part of Blessed Fate's blog tour to see where this story goes, 5/5!

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