Wednesday 15 May 2013

Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg

Published: May 13 2013 by Entangled Bliss
Pages: 192

This novel follows the story of Eve, she has landed her dream job of being a project manager for the new city hall building, and she also did the final draft of the building. Just as she beings to think that everything is going her way, it is interrupted by the famous architect Matt Brison shows up and tells her that he has been hired to design the final look of the building.

There was a lot of back and forth in this book between Eve and Matt as she felt that she was doing the project justice by keeping to the traditional look of the town, where Matt wanted to do something a little more modern, and it did not help that he had the schooling behind him, and she did not. Also he has some connections that she does not that she is not aware of at the beginning.

There is a twist to the plot line involving something or someone from Eve's past, and this was really the only part of the book that I found slightly interesting that gave the book a little something extra that I can't really discuss in a review without it being a spoiler.

This book overall unfortunately for me was just okay, there was nothing spectacular about it that I remembered or even really kept me wanting to read to the end, though I did. I think it is for someone just looking for a nice light romance book that just takes 1 sitting to get through. This book gets a 3/5 from me.

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