Monday 20 May 2013

Real Men Don't Quit (Real Men #2) by Coleen Kwan

Published: April 8 2013 by Entangled Publishing
Pages: 241

This book is about a famous author named Luke Maguire who has decided to retreat to a small town in Australia to try and focus on his writing as he has been suffering writers block in the house that he has been trying to write his next novel in. What he does not expect when he gets to that small town is the fiery redhead next door named Tyler.

He tries his best to stay out of her life, however, he finds himself being pulled in again and again. One thing that he finds himself drawn to is her adorable 3 year old daughter Chloe, she makes quite the impression on him the first time that they meet. 

Tyler strives herself on being independent and not needing help from anyone as this is how she has had to be for as long as she can remember. She is unprepared for the events that keep coming up where she does find herself in need of help from someone, and that someone keep turning up to be the gorgeous next door neighbour Luke.

There were a few obstacles thrown in the plot to make me keep reading, and this was not a bad book by any means, however, it was not a great book for me either. It is another heart warming romance that I have come to expect from Entangled, the writing is always great. 3/5 overall.

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