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Blog Tour for Hidden by M. Lathan


Published: November 12 2012
Pages: 241
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Sixteen-year-old Leah Grant has given up on being normal. She’d settle for stopping the voices in her head, intrusive visions of the future, and better odds of making it to her seventeenth birthday.

That’s the thing about pretending to be human in a world where magic used to exist – at any moment, her cover could be blown and she’ll be burned to death like the rest of the witches.

Everything changes when she loses control of her powers and flees the orphanage she grew up in. She desperately wants to be invisible but finds her face plastered on every news channel as humans panic over the possible resurgence of her kind. And now the hunters won’t give up until they find her.

Making friends for the first time in her life and falling in love with one of them drives her to discover why she is unlike any being she’s ever met – human or otherwise. The dangerous powers inside of her that would repel Nathan, her new, handsome reason for living, are priceless to some. The locked up forever kind of priceless. And to others, they are too dangerous to allow her to live.

Let’s hope she can stay hidden. 


I was not sure what to expect with this book, it sounded really interesting, I was really hoping that it lived up to my expectations, and it DID! I am blown away at the writing, it is so detailed that I really felt like I was watching a movie the whole time, not reading a book as I could see everything so vividly in my head. Also the take on the paranormal aspect was fantastic, this is not your basic witches, warewolves, and shifter series. 

There are also so many realistic and important social topics covered, the biggest one being bullying and how it effects people more than anyone can imagine, and that is a really personal topic for me, and I really enjoyed how she tackled it in this book. It also explores family dynamics and the relationships between mothers and daughters specifically and how sometimes as daughters, we may not understand our mothers actions until we are able to sit down and have a heart to heart and see the story from each others points of view.

I also enjoyed the character development with Leah, at the beginning of the book she is extremely closed off and does not talk to anyone, including her teachers for the most part. I don't blame her after everything that she has been through, and is continuing to go through at school, never have I wanted to stick up for a fictional character as much as I have Leah, and get those girls that are terrorising her at school. Even when she is "saved" by Sophia and taken away to a safe spot, she still remains closed off to everyone there for quite a while. She then starts to open up with Nathan, and he is so sweet, probably my second favourite character in the book.

There is so much that takes place in this book, it felt like a lot longer than it was in the best possible way, and so many twists and turns that come about that add wonderful surprises and make you second guess the whole time if someone that you thought was "good" was maybe part of the "bad" side by their actions, it was wonderful, and I promise, you will not be left disappointed!

I have extremely high hopes for this whole series and am so looking forward to the next book, and I hope I am fortunate enough to be part of that blog tour if there is one, it is so much fun! I give this book a 5/5.


M. Lathan lives in San Antonio with her husband and mini-schnauzer. She enjoys writing and has a B.S. in Psych and a Masters in Counseling. Her passion is a blend of two interests - creating new worlds and stocking them with crazy people. She enjoys reading anything with interesting characters and writing in front of a window and asking rhetorical her idol Carrie Bradshaw.

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  1. Thank you so much for joining the tour and reviewing. Bullying also touches the soft parts of my heart. It made me want to write about someone who could be seen as an "easy target" and show how completely not easy that is to deal with. Thanks again :)

  2. Fab review! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! It's an important topic and I always get super emotional in books like there, too!