Tuesday 11 June 2013

Playing The Part by Robin Covington

Published: June 10 2013 by Entangled Brazen
Pages: 250
Source: Provided an eARC for honest review
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Playing the part follows novelist Piper James as she travels from her home in New York to Los Angeles to assist hollywood playboy Mick Blackwell connect better with the character that he is playing based on her book. This is the first dramatic role that he has played, he usually plays in a series of action films that has propelled him to the top of the "celebrity" line.

As soon as they meet they each feel an instant attraction to one another, and together they try to decide what to do about it. Based on a situation in Piper's past, she is very reluctant to be seen dating anyone from hollywood, so she decides that what she can offer Mick is a friends with benefits relationship while she is there for a few weeks, and nothing more.

It turns out that there is someone behind the scenes that thinks that it is a better idea to put the two of them in the lime light and have photos taken of them during very private occasions. While Mick is investigating to see who is behind this, Piper closes up and forces herself away from him, but will this be the end of them?

I enjoyed this book, it was enjoyable to read all about the fun times that Piper and Mick were having, and also trying to piece it all together along with the characters to see who was trying to sabotage the relationship from the beginning, and throw Piper under the bus, and I have to say, after learning the truth, it was not a great surprise, there were a couple of characters that I had it down to.

There was good character building with Piper and Mick, with each of them opening up to what their insecurities were, and learning to grow with each other along the way. I think the character that I related to the most was Chris (Piper's assistant) as he is very protective of her, and makes that well known, and that is how I am with my friends. 

I enjoyed this book, it was a nice Saturday read for me, I would give it a 4/5 because there was a lot of little twists and turns in the plot to go along with the romance that was building between Mick and Piper.

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